Forum for TechTextile Sustainability - mtex+

Sustainability, resource efficiency and innovations related to these concepts will be the dominant topics at the 8th “mtex+”.

The extensive specialist programme will include the “FORUM FOR TECHTEXTILE SUSTAINABILITY” (FTN) involving open, topic-related workshops and a practical excursion to the Saxon Textile Research Institute located close by. The FTN is being organised by INNtex GmbH, Chemnitz.

THE WORLD IS SETTING NEW PRIORITIES – the technical textile world is also starting to sense the growing change in ecological consciousness demonstrated by changes in customer demand and buying patterns that are geared towards new goals.

Constant increases in the market requirements for product sustainability are exercising pressure on market players in the technical textile sector, but are also opening up potential for selling new products. Technical innovations enable material properties to be deliberately adapted to their specific use and allow organic-based materials or recycled items to be utilised in technical applications with high-profile performance specifications.
The FORUM FOR TECHTEXTILE SUSTAINABILITY is geared towards those involved in the extensive value-added chain, ranging from forward-looking raw materials to innovative applications and even tailored concepts for re-use. 

The FORUM FOR TECHTEXTILE SUSTAINABILITY is an independent event organised by INNTex GmbH and it will take place as part of the “mtex+ Convention & Fair for Hightech Textile” for the first time in 2020.
The main aim of the FORUM FOR TECHTEXTILE SUSTAINABILITY is to communicate well-founded knowledge about the topic of sustainability in the technical textile sector to the visitors and exhibitors. The core element of the exhibition concept involves making the sustainability demands placed on content and exhibitors comprehensible and transparent. This is why we are retaining the right to select the exhibitors using the following sustainability criteria. The exhibitors at the forum must be involved in…

obtaining and processing renewable raw materials,
making the greatest possible savings in terms of CO2 and using resources carefully,
cascading and secondary use of raw materials,
ensuring that its products are biologically degradable,
circular flow concepts and designs for recycling,
developing sustainable technical textile business models and sustainability concepts that involve fair production and working conditions.

Consideration will also be given to the major topic of sustainability when organising the forum. The exhibitors should not only be a forward-looking example, but the trade fair itself should demonstrate this in a very clear manner and distance itself from conventional trade fair building concepts and their use of disposable materials. The concept of the Green Standard for Trade Fairs has developed from this basic idea.
The FORUM FOR TECHTEXTILE SUSTAINABILITY will not only open up the opportunity for you to present your company in the exhibition area, but also give you the chance to exchange knowledge and information in workshops and lectures. Topics like sustainability through the circular economy and design for recycling, but also cascading and secondary usage potential for renewable and secondary raw materials will be the focus of the events.


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