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Barrierefreiheit - C3 Chemnitzer Veranstaltungszentren

arriving & parking

The closest local public transport stop is about 200 metres away.
Disabled parking spaces are available in the Terminal 3 underground garage for visitors who are disabled – access via Brückenstrasse – or in the Rathaus-Passagen multi-storey car park. There is direct access to the Main Hall (Grosser Saal) and the “Salon am Tropenhaus” from the Terminal 3 underground garage via the lift. We recommend that visitors to the Small Hall (Kleiner Saal) should park in the Rathaus-Passagen multi-storey car park.
Barrierefreiheit - C3 Chemnitzer Veranstaltungszentren

access to the Main Hall (Großer Saal)

The entrance is 180 cm wide. There is a normal door too. A ramp (10% incline, 9 metres long) allows you to access the large foyer. There is a handrail on the left and right of the ramp.

Please note: people in wheelchairs unfortunately cannot reach the cloakroom. Please contact the staff on the door. You can reach the gallery in the Main Hall by using the lift. Spaces for people in wheelchairs are only available on the ground floor.

access to the Small Hall (Kleiner Saal)

Dear visitors,
The entrance area for the Small Hall (the Carlowitz Hall in the new Congress area) is being redesigned as part of the conversion work at the Congress. The new lift will not be operating until the summer of 2020. Wheelchair users and visitors with restricted mobility, who would normally use the lift, should please contact our service employee during events. He will welcome visitors at the bottom of the steps and take them to the hall via the Dorint Kongresshotel so that they do not have to overcome any obstacles. If you cannot find the employee, please contact the reception desk directly on 0371 4508-0.

Wheelchair users can reach the cloakroom in the foyer. The Small Hall is equipped with wheelchair spaces.
Barrierefreiheit - C3 Chemnitzer Veranstaltungszentren


appropriately marked by pictograms.

The door to the toilet is 120 cm wide. It can be unlocked from outside. There is an emergency bell and it is located at a height of 82 cm. The washbasin fittings can be operated by a lever. There is a support handle next to the toilet. It can be folded to the left or right.

The following space is available around the toilet:
in front: 205 x 160 cm
to the left: 102 x 85 cm
to the right: 82 x 85 cm

induction loops

The Main Hall is equipped with induction loops in balcony G (the balcony on the left). The Small Hall has induction loops everywhere.

Further information on the topic "Accessibility in Saxony" can be found under the following link: