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8. mtex+ Fair & Convention for Hightech Textiles

The inspiring source of innovative ideas and projects. The crucial step for future economic success.

The reliable basis for beneficial cooperation arrangements along the textile chain – beyond sector and national boundaries.

The brand for in-depth, personal meetings. Trust matures and prospers in Chemnitz – a tremendous asset with long-term value.
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The topics at the fair & convention

  • Textiles with (additional) functions
  • Composites and lightweight textile design
  • Process development
  • Textile engineering
  • Services
  • Digitalised production/automation
  • Sustainability and recycling
  • Research
  • Testing, certification and preventing plagiarism

Latest News

The State Premier of the Free State of Saxony, Michael Kretschmer, has accepted the position of patron of the 8th mtex+ fair. The State Premier justified his commitment to the international textile convention by saying that it would continue to strengthen the attractiveness of the local, innovative industrial and research region as one of the leading European textile areas.
The mtex+ has put out the competition "TexCycle Award mtex + 2020" for students, trainees and graduates of the fields of textile, textile technology as well as textile and fashion design. Sustainable ideas for environmentally conscious and economically sustainable action on the topic of recycling - upcycling - downcycling of textiles of all kinds are in demand. Applicants can draw on the results of project work or internships (from 2016).
Multibar-Gewirke_TITV Greiz und Mayer_mtex+2020_Carlowitz Congresscenter Chemnitz
Electric conductivity of knit fabrics is topic of intensive development work from TITV Greiz and Karl Mayer. In the latest projects multibar raschel machines with and without jacquard are used to incorporate electric conductive yarn like ELITEX® directly in the construction of the products surface. 

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Highlights 2020


Leadec präsentiert mit der Allianz textiler Leichtbau die Mobilität der Zukunft
Producing textiles and composites effectively and sustainably.


FutureTex KompetenzWerkstatt auf der mtex+ 2018
Digitalisation in textile engineering, automated value creation along the textile chain (etc.).


SmartTex Workshop auf dem Thüringen-Stand
Smart textiles/Acoustic textiles/Lightweight textile design/Sustainable textiles (etc.)




health.textil special exhibition

Sonderschau health.textil
Medical, health and protective textiles.

Excellent connections

Netzwerk-Abend auf der mtex+ und LiMA 2018
A network evening and other opportunities for discussions.


go textile! auf der mtex+ und LiMA 2018
Career prospects in the textile sector.