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Header mtex+2_2020_mit Claim_Carlowitz Congresscenter Chemnitz

trade fair profiles - mtex+

your exhibitions offers

  • Yarns and fibres
  • Non-wovens
  • Fabrics, knitted fabrics, knitwear, interlaid scrims, braiding and embroidery
  • Intelligent textiles, Smart Systems
  • Textile composites
  • Bonded fibre fabrics
  • Check, certify, protection from plagiarism
  • Material tests and measuring techniques
  • Recycling, sustainable production
  • Research and development
  • Textile production and processing technology
  • Process optimization, automation
  • Accessories
  • Textile care
  • Services
  • Others

You can find the detailed list of all offers of the mtex+ in the follwing glosseries.

visitor target groups

visitor target groups by regions
  • core field Germany and  neighbouring East European countries
  • worldwide
visitor target groups by industry sectors
  • automotive industry / OEM (automobil and commercial vehicle industry, railway technology, aerospace industry, shipbuilding industry)
  • health-/wellness economy
  • supply industrie
  • textile industry
  • mechanical engineering 
  • measurement technology
  • surface treatment
  • working and proccessing of new materials
  • industrial services
  • education, reserach and development, publishing sector
visitor target groups by functions/business units
  • owners, boards and managing directors
  • purchaising manager
  • R&D manager and QM
  • design manager
  • lecturer, scientific employees