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Header mtex+

8. mtex+ Convention & Fair for Hightech Textiles

The inspiring source of innovative ideas and projects. The crucial step for future economic success.

The reliable basis for beneficial cooperation arrangements along the textile chain – beyond sector and national boundaries.

The brand for in-depth, personal meetings. Trust matures and prospers in Chemnitz – a tremendous asset with long-term value.
Logo mtex+

The topics at the fair & convention

  • Textiles with (additional) functions
  • Composites and lightweight textile design
  • Process development
  • Textile engineering
  • Services
  • Digitalised production/automation
  • Sustainability and recycling
  • Research
  • Testing, certification and preventing plagiarism



Leadec präsentiert mit der Allianz textiler Leichtbau die Mobilität der Zukunft
Producing textiles and composites effectively and sustainably.


FutureTex KompetenzWerkstatt auf der mtex+ 2018
Digitalisation in textile engineering, automated value creation along the textile chain (etc.).


SmartTex Workshop auf dem Thüringen-Stand
Smart textiles/Acoustic textiles/Lightweight textile design/Sustainable textiles (etc.)




health.textil special exhibition

Sonderschau health.textil
Medical, health and protective textiles.

Excellent connections

Netzwerk-Abend auf der mtex+ und LiMA 2018
A network evening and other opportunities for discussions.


go textile! auf der mtex+ und LiMA 2018
Career prospects in the textile sector.