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trade fair rental prices - mtex+

Inline stand (1 side open)                                                    EUR 125.00/m²
Corner stand (2 sides open)                                               EUR 142.00/m²
Peninsula stand (3 sides open)                                          EUR 152.00/m²
Island stand (4 sides open)                                                 EUR 162.00/m²

Complete stand* (inline stand 12 m²)                               EUR 2,500.00

* Rear and side walls, a signboard and writing on it (max. 25 characters, no image/logo), carpet (standard grey), a lockable cubicle (1 m2), 4 spotlights, 1 brochure stand, a table with 4 chairs, a counter

Trade association fee (compulsory)
Inside building:             EUR 0.60 per m² of stand space
Outdoor area:              EUR 0.30 per m² of stand space

General service fee (compulsory):
EUR 120.00 per stand (rubbish disposal, entry in the trade fair’s printed and online list, exhibitor passes in line with the amount of space rented)

Fee for co-exhibitors:
EUR 200.00 per co-exhibitor

Fee for other represented companies:
EUR 150.00 per company

The current rate of value-added tax must be added to all the prices.
Make sure you obtain one of the free stand spaces and attend the 2020 “mtex+” in Chemnitz as an exhibitor. We will be happy to prepare an individual quotation for you.

Please note:
If you are an exhibitor from Saxony, you can apply for trade fair funding of EUR 4,000 for attending the fair. We are very happy to help you make your application  (www.sab.sachsen.de).